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Together, we are sharing God’s Word like never before.

We share God’s Word with the last, the least, and the forgotten.

Believing that the Bible has supernatural power to transform lives, and recognizing that an estimated 70% of the world’s population are oral learners or cannot read well enough to understand the Bible, Faith Comes By Hearing provides audio and video recordings of Scripture in indigenous languages and makes these recordings freely and widely accessible.

Every Tribe Every Nation (ETEN), an alliance of key translation organizations and donors, recently set an objective to ensure that every person in the world would have enough Scripture by the year 2033 to come to Christ and become a disciple. Alongside ETEN, Faith Comes By Hearing has launched Vision 2033: To partner with like-minded ministries to record Scripture in every language of the world that needs it by the year 2033, and make these recordings freely available by every means possible.

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