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These Top 10 Ministries in the world are based on their measurable impact per dollar.

The Problem much as 97% of giving is actually used to minister to the wealthiest Christians in the world

  • US Center of World Missions

Christian giving is difficult!

We lack confidence that our gifts are stewarded well.
We don’t know which ministries to give to.
There is a lack of visibility for measuring Kingdom impact.

Our Solution

ROI Ministry delivers confidence in your giving decisions - impact for your giving dollars.

We do research to determine the top ministries in the world based on impact and effectiveness. Then we connect you to those ministries!

ROI Ministry partners with leading ministry evaluation and auditing organizations like Calvin Edwards, & Co. and the National Christian Foundation to provide a carefully curated and researched list of the top ministries in the world based on impact and effectiveness.

Of the millions of great ministry partnership opportunities to give to today, how do we choose?

Who We Serve

ROI Ministry delivers confidence in your giving decisions - impact for your giving dollars.


Kingdom givers with a heart of the great commision.


Leaders looking for an opportunity to influence the world for Christ.


Individuals and foundations seeking to maximize the Kingdom impact of their giving.


Families seeking to come together confidently in the stewardship of their resources.


People with a passion who want to be confident that their giving supports organizations that fulfill that mission.

We are excited to share with you The Top 10 Charities. Below you will find links to detail pages about each charity and links to each of there web sites.

The Team

ROI Ministry delivers confidence in your giving decisions - impact for your giving dollars.

Tim Barker

After traveling around the world, God gave Tim a heart for helping people, Tim discovered research showing that only less than 1% of worldwide Christian giving is used to help the poorest, lost people. He also discovered that this is where the greatest lasting impact per dollar was being made. Tim became passionate about sharing this information and thus began ROI Ministry. As the founder of ROI, he represents the ministry to individuals and organizations, provides leadership to the board, and continues to carry out the mission and vision of ROI Ministry. He spends the rest of his time working as a Decommissioning Program Director for AECOM, one of the largest engineering construction firms in the world.
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David Mimms

David has a passion for bringing ministries and people together to serve God. At the root of this passion is David’s heart for people in the world who are without the knowledge of Christ. When Tim approached him with the idea of ROI Ministry, David knew it was a ministry that would greatly impact many people around the world. David’s focus as co-founder of ROI Ministry includes networking, building relationships and providing leadership. David also acts as Chairman of Mimms Enterprises, a fourth generation, family-owned commercial real estate developer based in Roswell, Georgia.

Chip Brackley

After years of advising others about financial giving, Chip was always asked the same question by his clients. Will my money be spent wisely? Chip believes that ROI Ministry is key helping people answer that question by giving donors confidence that their money will have a significant impact. Chip is a servant leader and is willing take on any task asked of him. In addition to his role on ROI Ministry’s board, Chip spends his time as Managing Director of the wealth management practice, Lakeview Capital Partners.
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Richard Wernick

Richard serves on a number of non-profit boards, but the uniqueness of ROI Ministry intrigued him. “ROI is a ministry that nobody else was doing, a ministry that was being effective with money for the kingdom of Christ.” Richard brings great wisdom to the ROI Ministry Board from his personal and professional experiences after decades of serving other ministries. When Richard isn’t working with ROI Ministry, he is an investment Advisor Representative for Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc., Transamerica Financial Group Division. He also works with various colleges, schools and non-profits.
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Randy Walton

Randy joined ROI Ministry’s board because he is convinced that there is a growing spirit of generosity in the Christian community that desires to fulfill God’s commission, but lacks the confidence to do so. Randy believes ROI Ministry exists to provide confidence in giving and that doing so will mobilize great wealth for God’s glory. As a founder of The Walton Group and member of multiple boards, Randy brings deep wisdom, strategic thinking and organizational skills to ROI Ministry.
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Beau Fields

Five years ago Beau Fields joined ROI Ministry because he sensed God’s purpose in it and was especially drawn to being able to make an actual difference for God’s Kingdom. As a C12 Area Chair and former business owner, Beau is extremely relational, full of compassion and brings balance to ROI board members and meetings. A native Southerner, Beau has served as advisor and supporter to several local and international ministries.
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Ken Trudell

Being a part of ROI Ministry’s board appealed to Ken when he learned about how the vetting process leads to more impactful giving. Ken brings wisdom, enthusiasm and encouragement to ROI in a matter of fact way. His experience as president and CEO of Trudell Trailers, involvement in various youth programs and mission trips to Guatemala make him a key part of ROI Ministry’s board.

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ROI Ministry delivers confidence in your giving decisions - impact for your giving dollars.