A YWAM program that that aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing adequate housing to families in the developing world.

Homes Of Hope
averages a cost of


per day of housing for one family.

Homes Of Hope is a gateway to spiritual transformation in communities by providing housing for families in need.

TRANSFORMING lives, one FAMILY at a time.

The Mission: Homes Of Hope, a global initiative by Youth With A Mission (YWAM), has been a beacon of transformation since 1990. With the dedication of over 130,000 volunteers, they’ve built more than 8,000 homes across 27 nations, offering more than just shelter — Homes of Hope is impacting communities by breaking poverty and showcasing the love of God. 

Inspired by a simple offering to Jesus, founder Sean Lambert and his daughter embarked on a mission of hope. From humble beginnings, this journey has grown into a global impact, touching lives daily, with a new home built for a family every single day of the year​​​​.

Their Impact:

  • Featured on CNN’s “Impact Your World” series, Homes Of Hope stands as a testament to what faith in action can achieve​​.
  • Recognized by People Magazine with Sean Lambert honored as “Hero of the Week,” his story continues to inspire and motivate others to join in their cause​​.

 Join us in building not just homes, but hope. With every nail driven and wall raised, you’re part of a larger story of love, community, and enduring faith. Your support transforms lives and rebuilds communities from the ground up. Together, let’s continue to build homes and hope, one family at a time.

Help Provide Housing

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