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Enter Your Gift Amount


Step 2
View Your Potential Impact

The potential impact of your donation is displayed on the table below. Use the checkboxes to select ministries you’re interested in, and see the number of lives that can be affected by your generosity. Your donation amount is spread across all selected ministries. Leaving all checkboxes unchecked will show you the maximum impact your donation could have on any one ministry.

Click the ministry’s “Invest Now” button to give directly to that ministry, or click “Invest in All” to give to ROI Ministry and your donation will be equally divided between all of the Top 10 ministries.



With so many active Christian ministries, deciding which deserves your donation can be a challenge. How can you be sure your charity will go to those who truly need it? 

ROI Ministry’s Donation Calculator lets you make informed decisions when donating to the Top 10 Ministries in the world. You’ll see exactly how many mouths you’ll feed, water you’ll provide, and souls you’ll save. Give it a try and clearly visualize the impact of your generosity!


ROI Ministry was founded on the belief that God’s resources should be used for the most good possible, dollar for dollar. That means supporting the absolute best ministries that put their donations towards mending lives and saving souls. 

We’ve identified the Top 10 ministries doing the most for the kingdom of God, based on their impact per dollar. When you donate to these ministries, you can be 100% sure your charity is making a difference.