Global Media Outreach
Using technology to share The Good News by reaching people at their point of need.

Giving everyone on earth multiple opportunities to know Jesus Christ

It’s up to all of us to make sure the Gospel reaches every nation. That’s why we’re here. Global Media Outreach exists to share Jesus online, grow people in faith and connect them to an Online Missionary.

Technology reaches into countries where missionaries can’t go and helps new believers grow in places where a mention of the name of Jesus can lead to death. Volunteers, apps, social media, a secure response system, and online advertising come together as a new model to share Jesus with every person on Earth.

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Listen to an exclusive interview with Jeff Gowler, CEO of Global Media Outreach. 

Jeff Gowler is the president and CEO of Global Media Outreach, which seeks to give every person on Earth multiple opportunities to know Christ by leveraging technology and the internet. Jeff started off in the business world working his way up to Executive Vice President of Operations for one of the top 5 home building companies in the country before setting off to start his own home building company. After God abruptly got his attention, he pivoted to full time ministry, eventually becoming the CEO of GMO.

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