Brings the greatest story of all time to everyone, everywhere, in every language.

The same name
the same ministry

Now with a new look to better represent who we are globally and where we are going.

From the beginning, we have always been about one thing: everyone seeing Jesus. Over the years, God has increased our ability to partner far and wide in the Great Commission. Since the inception of the “JESUS” film in 1979, we have added new films, strategies and digital expertise to help you fuel the mission.

In short, this is about you. We exist to help you engage the watching world with Jesus.

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Jesus Film Project Interview with Tim Barker

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Listen to an exclusive interview with Josh Newell, Executive Director of the Jesus Film Project.

Josh Newell is the Executive Director of the Jesus Film Project. The Jesus Film started in 1979 as a ministry of Cru and is a film based on the gospel of Luke. Within 10 years of its creation the Jesus Film was the most translated and most watched film in the world, now reported to have been translated into over 2000 languages and seen by over 3 billion people in almost every country in the world.

Jesus Film is a richly collaborative ministry partnering with a vast assortment of ministries in the bible translation, evangelism, and church planting spaces. Today, 90% of the Jesus Film projects final results come from their church planting partners in the field. 

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