Teaching Jesus to kids around the world

Evangelizing and discipling kids
is of the utmost importance.

To win the children and young people of the world to Christ and help nurture them into spiritual maturity, The Mailbox Club (TMC) provides materials and human resources to train indigenous church members to teach Christ-centered Bible lessons to children worldwide.

Children are the greatest harvest field in the world. Studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of believers in America came to faith in Christ before the age of 15. Yet strangely, children are the largest, most unreached people group in the world. With a surging global population of children approaching 2 billion, sadly, estimates are that 60-80% of the Church’s global resources go to everything but children’s ministries. Children make great missionaries – NOW! Children are our future.

The Mailbox Club, founded in 1965, primarily focuses on reaching children and young people with the Gospel message. Its passion is discipleship, not just “decisions.” Since TMC’s inception it has had the following impact:

•302 million TMC lessons have been printed
•21.7 million students, mostly children, have been enrolled in TMC Bible lessons in 80+ countries
•5.6 million certificates have been awarded to students who have completed a series of lessons, indicating ongoing discipleship
•Over 8 million salvation decisions have been reported

In 2014, 1,213,340 children were discipled through TMC’s Bible lessons and 418,700 children were saved.

To donate to TMC to help it continue its extremely effective ministry to disciple children, click the ‘donate’ button to the right.21.7 million students, mostly children, have been enrolled in 80+ countries and 302 million Mailbox Club lessons have been printed!
The Mailbox Club, founded in 1965, primarily focuses on reaching children and young people with the Gospel message. Our passion is discipleship, not just “decisions.” Since 2002, over 21 million students, mostly children & youth, have been enrolled throughout the world through a vast network of churches and ministries. Over 35% of the students enrolled indicated coming to saving faith! And more than 71% of the students completed course of Christ-centered Bible lessons.

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John Mark Eager is the executive director of the Mailbox Club, an international organization dedicated to advancing the gospel through the discipleship of children. If you haven’t heard of the Mailbox Club, that is probably because they work behind the scenes with many other missions organizations to provide discipleship training and resources to communities all over the world, including many regions that are completely closed to the gospel. Their extensive discipleship programs focus on kids 4-14 as well as teenagers, and even adults at times. Each program is designed to walk a new believer through the core foundations of the Christian faith, the Bible, and the Great Commission.

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