Healing Lives. Transforming Communities.

Healing Lives. Transforming Communities

Medical Ambassadors International is equipping communities through Christ-centered health and development.

Medical Ambassadors International envisions a world of thriving communities where people experience reconciliation of broken relationships, restoration of hope and health, and dignity through following Jesus.

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Listen to an exclusive interview with Ravi Jayakaran, CEO of Medical Ambassadors International. 

Ravi Jayakaran is the President and CEO of Medical Ambassadors International which works to sustainably transform communities around the world through Christ-centered partnership, resource assessment, and customized training. Ravi’s story begins with his grandfather who left behind a 2000 year family tradition of Hinduism to become one of the first Christians in his community in India. Growing up in the faith, Ravi went on to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine before transitioning to full time work with World Vision. In 2017, he took over leadership of MAI full time.

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