Bring clean and living water to the unreached.

neverthirst exists for the unreached.

1 in 10 people today do not have access to clean water.
And 4 in 10 people do not have access to the gospel.
Neverthirst works at the intersection of these two urgent needs—serving incredibly remote areas of the world that are unreached with the gospel and have a massive need for clean water.
Inspired by a teaching from Pastor David Platt on Psalm 67:1-2, our founders began partnering with local pastors in South Sudan to bring clean and living water. That was over 15 years ago, and now the neverthirst family has served over 1.3 million people with the good news and clean water.
Every water project is partnered with a local pastor or believer, empowering them to share the love of God with communities that are often closed, uninterested, or even hostile to the gospel. Water projects range in technology—from gravity-fed piping in the mountains of Nepal to solar-powered pumps in the desert of Niger. Every project requires a water committee to be formed in the village, empowering the community to raise enough money for a repair fund, ensuring lasting sustainability of your investment.
At neverthirst, we believe in meeting physical and spiritual needs—empowering the church to reach forgotten, marginalized people groups with clean and living water.
Our current focus is saturating 14 strategic regions around the world that are majority unreached with the gospel and have urgent need for clean water.
The need is great, and the impact is real. Every project is proven with GPS coordinates, stories from the village, a pastor’s testimony, photos, and more.
“Before as a pastor I would go into a village with empty hands … and people would not accept me. But the water program has really showed the community that we care for them.

God has opened their hearts and now five new cell groups have started. In each group, there are one to three who have chosen to follow Jesus and others come who are interested to learn more. I am so grateful to God for His faithfulness.” — Pastor Meas, Cambodia

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Listen to an exclusive interview with Matt Letourneau, CEO of Neverthirst. 

It’s estimated that 785 million people still lack access to clean and safe water. Neverthirst partners with local indigenous pastors as well as established local well drilling teams to bring clean water and the gospel to some of the poorest unreached people groups in the world.

For those of us seeking to manage God’s wealth wisely, Matt shares on topics like accountability for nonprofits, balancing addressing physical and spiritual needs, and sharing a vision with others. He also explains why addressing clean water is unique strategy with ripple effects through entire communities in areas like healthcare, gender equality, and education.

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