The founders at ROI initially spent years searching for the most impactful ministry based on the greatest impact per dollar. And today, through this platform, ministries impacting the nations have been able to form a beneficial partnership with ROI Ministry to progress towards the goals set forth by the great commission. Notably, our greatest disclaimer is that our Top 10 list does NOT precisely match God’s Top 10, as he sees ALL the good fruit for our good works. Nonetheless, at ROI Ministry, we believe in a simple formula: Give our treasures to ministries that will most effectively steward them for the sake of the Kingdom!


ROI Ministry annually selects the Top 10 ministries through our Q2 application process, as described in greater detail below. Granted, it is most often after they have plowed and planted seeds for decades before we discover them reaping a great harvest. At this point, we promote them as our Top 10, which offers you the opportunity to invest in lives saved, disciples made, orphans and poor children fed and clean water to poor villagers in Jesus’ name. These are not merely charities that address the symptoms of the world’s woes, but ministries that also heal the root cause through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Each prospective Top 10 Ministry must fill out a Qualification and Quantification (Q2) application, which is initially reviewed by the ROI Ministry Board. ROI Ministry believes that good Ministry will always lead people to Christ and into sanctification.  This is very important as the root cause of all the worlds’ woes is sin, and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ is the only sustainable answer to this ultimately fatal problem.


After a ministry is deemed qualified, ROI Ministry utilizes one of the most reputable third-party ministry vetting organizations in the world: Calvin Edwards and Company. This third party provides unbiased verification of the “Quantification” information (impact per dollar) that is required before a perspective ministry is added to the ROI Ministry Top 10 list. Calvin Edwards and Company also reviews the respective Ministry to see if they predominately meet the ROI Top 10 Standards.

If you believe there is a ministry that is more fruitful than those listed in our Top 10, please direct them to our Q2 process so that we can look into the great things Gods is doing through them! Upon reviewing the prospective ministry, we may deem them a Top 10 ministry, as the Top 10 is annually reviewed and updated.

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