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Doulos Partners is a nonprofit in Birmingham, Alabama that acts as a missions mutual fund for other Christian nonprofits. What does that mean? We ultimately provide financial assistance to organizations across the world that share our vision and mission.

The purpose is simple: to spread the Gospel and win souls for Christ through mission work all over the globe. Learn more about our partners.

All funding provided by Doulos Partners to these organizations goes directly to the field – they cannot be used for administrative costs. We have the same model; all administrative costs for Doulos are paid out-of-pocket by our board of directors.

Since inception, we have planted over 20,000 churches, with over 6 million people accepting Jesus as their savior. Learn more about Our Impact.

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Listen to an exclusive interview with David Johnson, CEO & Founder of Doulos Partners

Doulos Partners serves as a sort of mission’s mutual fund, sending resources where they will get the greatest return on investment. They partner with established, successful church planting ministries that already have deep relationships with indigenous pastors around the world and are spreading the gospel in their region. 

More than that, David shares a bigger picture vision for what God is doing on a global scale in the area of missions. In just the last year, there has been a beautiful collision of technology, manpower, and collaboration among many missions organizations that has never before been possible. 

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